Car rental at Chengdu, Sichuan

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the vehicles are from 5 to 45 seats, the quantity and size of your luggage is decisive, so, the price for different type of vehicles also varies, check here for vehicle types and car rental price

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Sichuan Car rental programs

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stop as your will;
what you need to do is contact us and we discuss


Travel Sichuan tours

Chengdu city + Environs


tours of Chengdu city & Environs

Sichuan classic tours


Sichuan classic tours entry

Sichuan rock carvings


Sichuan rock carving discovery

Sichuan old towns


tours of Sichuan old towns

Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong


tours to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong

Yading Daocheng Litang


tours to Daocheng Yading nature

Tagong Danba Mt. Siguniang


Xiao Huan Xian ( small circle) tours

Baiyu Derge Ganzi area


tours to Ganzi, Derge and Baiyu

Travel Tibet tours

west Tibet - Kailash + Guge

tour programs

Lhasa Gyangtse Shigate

tour programs

travel to Tibet by car

overland to lhasa

tour programs


查看你可能喜欢的西藏旅游线路,请点这里: 西藏旅行社推荐



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Sichuan tours

mark Sichuan is a huge province, and is rich in tourism resources; we offer many routes for your reference, and we hope one of them will match your needs of your holiday. Sichuan tours

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  • what services can be expected after you make your booking?
  • on what condtions are you able to cancel the booking without any loss?
  • on what conditions will you lose deposit if you cancel the booking?
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mark here are the steps of putting the reservation on car rental for your holiday in Chengdu, and other parts of Sichuan province. reserve and payment

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